Programs and Applications

General Program and Application Request – Start here for configuration, troubleshooting, and general assistance,

For programs and applications nor supported by DTS, check out Codex for support contacts.

Special Requests

  • Infinite Visions
  • New: Looking to use a new program or application? Start with Codex to see what your colleagues are using. Then fill out Request a Resource for DTS to evaluate something not already listed.
  • Schoology – Course or Group Creation – request to create a Schoology Course or Group with permission from your Administrator.
  • Webex – Webex Guest – request Webex access for a guest to visit your class. This request will be forwarded to your principal and reviewed by the Manager of IT Service Delivery.
  • Website – Blocked / Unblocked – request a website to be blocked or unblocked by the district’s web filter or for Digital Detention.

Note: Please send student pictures to DTS, Attn: Lorraine Baxter