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1. Press the menu button on the projector 2. Select the Extended menu 3. Select the Projection option 4. Choose the appropriate option based on how the projector is mounted Front: Projector is in [...]
What-Model-is-my-ActivBoard [...]
Here's the Bluetooth reset sequence that has worked well on Promethean ActivBoards (light gray border boards only, not the charcoal/black). In either case, first delete the existing Bluetooth connection on [...]
Elmo TT-02RX manuals [...]
DTS and O&M split the responsibilities for Intercom support. District Technology Services supports Intercoms at: Alpine Elementary School Altona Middle School Black Rock Elementary School Blue Mountain Elementary School Centennial Elementary School Coal Ridge Middle School Legacy Elementary [...]
DTS will provide a courtesy check of no longer than 30 minutes. Schools will need to contact the appropriate vendor for assistance beyond this. Contemporary Research Support Vendors Anew Communications Technology Jack Duncan, [...]

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