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  • Troubleshooting Apple ID Issues

    Here are a list of common Apple ID issues and how to troubleshoot them. Current information on Apple IDs can be found at Apple’s Apple ID […]

  • iPad Troubleshooting Guide – Try these first

    Here is an explanation of the some of the common steps to take when troubleshooting issues on an iPad. Relaunch If you’re having trouble with a […]

  • iPad Pickup and Delivery Schedule (2019-20)

    One day each week is designated as a pickup and delivery day for each school, with a second optional pickup and delivery day each week if needed. The […]

  • Backing up Data from iPad Apps

    Each of us is responsible for backing up any content we wish to save on our iPads. While every app is different, there are generally four ways to […]

  • Changing Email Password on iDevices

    Whenever you change your SVVSD (Citrix/Email) password, you will also need to update the password saved on your iPad or iPhone. To do this: 1. Log […]

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Service for iPads is generally done on site. Only select Request pickup by DTS for LTP iPads (Asset Tags 65,001 – 90,000 & 500,000 – 999,999) with known hardware issues. (Examples: cracked screens, bad battery, broken buttons)

Inventory || Missing Laptop† Missing iPads†
†School admins only