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Here are a list of common Apple ID issues and how to troubleshoot them. Current information on Apple IDs can be found at Apple's Apple ID Support site. Issue: User has [...]
Here is an explanation of the some of the common steps to take when troubleshooting issues on an iPad. Relaunch If you're having trouble with a particular app, try quitting out of [...]
One day each week is designated as a pickup and delivery day for each school, with a second optional pickup and delivery day each week if needed. The second weekly [...]
Each of us is responsible for backing up any content we wish to save on our iPads. While every app is different, there are generally four ways to save content: Web-based [...]
Whenever you change your SVVSD (Citrix/Email) password, you will also need to update the password saved on your iPad or iPhone. To do this: 1. Log into your email with your [...]
1. Search the App store for the Citrix Receiver for iPad and install it. 2. Once installed, locate the Citrix icon and tap it to launch. 3. Tap Add Account 4. [...]

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Web Site Blocked / Unblocked – request a web site to be blocked or unblocked by the district’s web filter or for Digital Detention.

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Service for iPads is generally done on site. Only select Request pickup by DTS for LTP iPads (Asset Tags 65,001 – 90,000 & 500,000 – 999,999) with known hardware issues. (Examples: cracked screens, bad battery, broken buttons)


Inventory || Missing Laptop† Missing iPads†
†School admins only