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Teachers can post Eligibility, Progress or Quarter (MS)/Semester (HS) grades all at once Open Grade Book > Settings > Multi-Post Grades. The set up window will open. Either check some or all [...]
Setting up Grade Book (the blue links/underline will take you to the IC knowledge base article should you want more information) In the Index click on Grade Book > Settings. This will [...]
To request an update to your personal information, Log into Infinite Campus (ic.svvsd.org). Note: You need to be in Campus Tools. (Waffle > Campus Tools) Then go to Census > My [...]
To Create a Selection Editor Staff Ad Hoc On the Index go to Ad Hoc Reporting > Filter Designer. Under Create New use Selection Editor for Filter Type and Census/Staff for Data [...]
Directions will include using both Campus Tools (CT) and Campus Instruction (CI). To add canned comments to the report card it must first be ‘turned on.' To turn on Canned [...]
In Campus Instruction on the Index on the left select Course Requests. (Choose the correct course from the drop down at the top). Select the correct course for the [...]
To send out Attendance Letters go to Attendance > Attendance Letters. Elementary Schools use the letters under Attendance-Elementary Group Middle Schools, Olde Columbine and Main St HS use the letters under their [...]
Users with the rights to create IC portal accounts also have the rights to reset the passwords on those accounts. Also, the ability to reset students accounts is [...]
Infinite Campus offers a “slimmed-down” version of its product that allows school staff to access individual student information including the student's: Picture Contacts Schedule Behavior (Referrals can be created with this feature) Grades (Posted) Transportation (SVVSD [...]
To get to Message Builder go to Index > Messenger > Message Builder. It isn't necessary to Record a voice message. A computer will read it. It works well [...]

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