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FAQ / Information

– Submit Work Requests at the bottom of the page.

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Order Paper

Paper is ordered through Interline Brands (more info)

Order Supplies

Copier, duplicator and laminator supplies are ordered through SVVSD Cental Supply Warehouse in Infinite Visions (more info)

Order a Toner Cartridge Recycling Kit

Submit a Copier or Printer Work Requests

Copiers: Toshiba

General Copier Assistance – all work requests for Toshiba copiers, SPEAR, etc.

Copier Move Request – school personnel may not move copiers on their own.

Clear Toshiba Key Cards for Employees Leaving Your School

Printers & Duplicators: Dell, HP, Lexmark, Risograph

Error Codes

Image Quality

Move Printer

Paper Jams

Unable to Print

General Printer / Duplicator Assistance – if none of the above quite fit

Laminators – see Other Devices