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Collection and Recycling Procedures To Begin: Assemble the collection box. Line the collection box with one clear box liner. Remove all packaging from the cartridges before placing in the collection box. Put ANY imaging consumable [...]
School Staff members typically receive a keycard from the secretary that allows the staff member to enter into the building and is also used to access the copiers. Staff [...]
Due to the amount of printers in the district and limited resources, DTS will not be able to limit restrictions on printers to a specific group of Staff members. The [...]
No work ticket is required to to authenticate your new key card with the Toshiba copiers. Please follow the below instructions. Card-Login-Process-For-SVVSD [...]
This tutorial shows you how to: -Print single sided -Print in Color -Select Bypass Tray -Hole Punch and Staple Printer settings on a mac [...]
1. Use a key-card or enter your user name and password to authenticate your account 2. Put original document in the document feeder 3. Select Fax Button 4. Select Input Fax No. Button 5. [...]
1. Click on the Start menu and go to Devices and Printers 2. Click on Add a Printer at the top of the window 3. Click on Add a network, wireless or [...]

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Order Paper

Paper is ordered through Interline Brands (more info)

Order Supplies

Copier, duplicator and laminator supplies are ordered through SVVSD Cental Supply Warehouse in Infinite Visions (more info)

Learn more about the Copier/MFP Refresh project. (Summer 2018)

Submit a Copier or Printer Work Requests


Konica Minolta – call Customer Care at 800-456-5664 (You will need the ID number found on top of the copier)

Copier Move Request – school personnel may not move copiers on their own.

Clear Key Cards for Employees Leaving Your School

Printers & Duplicators: Dell, HP, Lexmark, Risograph

Error Codes

Image Quality

Move Printer

Paper Jams

Unable to Print

General Printer / Duplicator Assistance – if none of the above quite fit

Laminators – see Other Devices