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District Technology Services strives to make sure you always have access to your data. But let's face it – in a time of digital things, stuff can happen. It [...]
How to resolve the keychain error message Close all applications In the Finder click Go, Go to Folder, in the box that pops up, erase everything and type ~/Library/Keychains Select and delete all [...]
Symptoms: Unable to access Citrix outside the district on a Macintosh computer. Resolution: 1. Run all available OS updates 2. Launch Safari or Firefox 3. Go to https://citrix.svvsd.org 4. Login with your email/citrix username and password. 5. [...]
Wired Networks Copper Networks – Generally the district's buildings are wired with Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. Fiber Networks – The following buildings have a fiber network to the desktop in [...]
Symptoms: Unable to access Citrix outside the district on a Windows computer. Resolution: 1. Uninstall any ICA Citrix Presentation Clients 2. Install Windows Critical Updates 3. Launch Internet Explorer 4. Go to https://citrix.svvsd.org (The district's Citrix [...]
Symptoms: My Documents aren't there. Resolution: In the Finder (Click on the Desktop) On toolbar click on Go > Connect to Server… Enter server address: smb://lh-fs2/home/last_first Click [+] to add this to your Favorite Servers: Connect The [...]

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Supported Versions of Installed Applications by Platform

Submit a Computer or Network Work Request

General Computer Assistance – computers updates, configurations, repairs, etc.

Login Issues – person specific problems logging onto computers, email, etc.

(For forgotten passwords please go to Password Manager)

Staff Computer Re-image – Windows or Apple computers, not Thin Clients

Teacher Move Computer Update – transferring to a new school?

General Network Assistance – broken network drops, connectivity, wireless, etc.

Activate or Install a Network Drop

Web Site Blocked / Unblocked – request a web site to be blocked or unblocked by the district’s web filter or for Digital Detention.

Other Devices / Peripherals – projectors, interactive white board, room media systems, etc.

Inventory || Missing Laptop† Missing iPads†
†School admins only