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This is to provide supplemental setup information to prepare for the CyberPatriot competition. Download the software as indicated in the email provided by the CyberPatriot organization. As instructed below, download [...]
District Technology Services strives to make sure you always have access to your data. But let's face it – in a time of digital things, stuff can happen. It [...]
How to resolve the keychain error message Close all applications In the Finder click Go, Go to Folder, in the box that pops up, erase everything and type ~/Library/Keychains Select and delete all [...]
Symptoms: Unable to access Citrix outside the district on a Macintosh computer. Resolution: 1. Run all available OS updates 2. Launch Safari or Firefox 3. Go to https://citrix.svvsd.org 4. Login with your email/citrix username and password. 5. [...]
Caution: This process can take 30 minutes or more per device, but multiple devices can be updated at the same time. Log into the Chromebook using any valid SVVSD credentials. Click the [...]
Symptoms: Unable to access Citrix outside the district on a Windows computer. Resolution: 1. Uninstall any ICA Citrix Presentation Clients 2. Install Windows Critical Updates 3. Launch Internet Explorer 4. Go to https://citrix.svvsd.org (The district's Citrix [...]

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Supported Versions of Installed Applications by Platform

Submit a Computer or Network Work Request

General Computer Assistance – computers updates, configurations, repairs, etc.

Login Issues – person specific problems logging onto computers, email, etc.

(For forgotten passwords please go to Password Manager)

Staff Computer Re-image – Windows or Apple computers, not Thin Clients

Teacher Move Computer Update – transferring to a new school?

General Network Assistance – broken network drops, connectivity, wireless, etc.

Activate or Install a Network Drop

Web Site Blocked / Unblocked – request a web site to be blocked or unblocked by the district’s web filter or for Digital Detention.

Other Devices / Peripherals – projectors, interactive white board, room media systems, etc.

Inventory || Missing Laptop† Missing iPads†
†School admins only