Tech Inventory - New Teacher

Instructions: Complete this form for each new employee of the district that is filling one of the following roles or is moving to one of these from another position.

  1. Counselor (L)
  2. Interventionist (L)
  3. School Special Education Facilitator (L)
  4. STEM Coordinator (IV – Instructional Coach) (LI)
  5. Speech Language Pathologist (I)
  6. Classroom Teacher (L < .5 FTE LI)
  7. others – see Employee Technology Matrix

Please do NOT complete this form until the new employee’s account is visible in email.

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Your Building*

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New Employee Information



Employee ID:

Employee Assignment from Infinite Campus:

Employee FTE:

New FTE?


I have informed the new teacher that they will receive an email from DTS and that they must complete the LTP Expectations and Commitments before the device(s) will be issued.*

I have confirmed that the new teacher has an Apple ID or is <.5 FTE and does not need one.*

Upon its arrival will provide assistance to the new teacher in setting up the laptop and/or iPad. iPad Instructions