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Reading Landscapes

Geographers are experts at reading landscapes. The surroundings of a particular area give us clues about the culture, history, and climate of that area. Families can practice reading the landscape in their own backyards and around the world with a fun online game called GeoGuessr!

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A view into one high school’s tech rollout after the first 12 weeks

I want to share some examples of the type of positive impact learning technology is having from one of our schools. Julie Read, Longmont High School’s Learning Technology Coach, summarized the first twelve weeks with iPads at her school with a catchy video made on an iPad with Adobe Voice. Click here to watch the English version and click here for the …

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How can I make my middle school child’s ‘digits’ math BIGGER?

Recently, at a Camp iPad for Parents session, we were asked “How can I make my child’s digits math application look bigger? The answer from our district’s Math team is to use the iPad’s built-in Zoom feature. digits is the math program used by all SVVSD middle school students except Erie and Longs Peak Middle Schools. …

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