What does learning with technology look like in schools?

What can learning with technology look like in our schools? Below are a few snapshots from an elementary, middle school, and high school classroom.


In this second grade classroom, students rotate through a math station during small group instruction time.  They identify three-digit numbers, use digital manipulatives to model the numbers, and write the numbers in expanded form. When completed they will share and explain their learning with their teacher and parents using the SeeSaw App.

The middle school students above are using the collaboration station in the school’s library during Science class to learn about changes in organisms. Students utilize both print and digital learning resources while sharing and collaborating on the large screen.


These high school students are working on a student-created Breakout EDU, an immersive learning activity  where students use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging problems. Interactive Keynote presentations and informational project boards are some of the learning resources utilized by these students learning about the effects of the Cold War on different nations.

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Innovation Center Classes – Registration Ends Soon!

The Innovation Center offers advanced STEM coursework, often leading to industry certifications, to high school students throughout St. Vrain Valley Schools. Students can take classes in robotics, information technology, video production, unmanned aerial systems, and more! The Innovation Center also provides students with links to business and employment opportunities surrounding theses fields.

Take a look at the 2018-19 Innovation Center Course Guide

Please keep the following in mind as you and your student register for CTE classes:

  • Classes at either location are open to all district high school students.
  • Transportation is provided to and from all students’ home high schools.
  • All CDC and IC classes count as practical arts credit towards graduation.
  • Families can create a new account or use an existing RevTrak account.

Register for 2018-19 Innovation Center High School Classes by January 28th!

Advanced Robotics
Apple Service
AR/VR Development
Cyber Security
Drones & Flight
Training Entrepreneurship
IT Fundamentals


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Global Connections and Real World Citizen Science

Lifelong learning is critical to our well-being as an individual and as a society.  What better way to learn than out in nature?  With the addition of technology tools, even our youngest learners can contribute to the world of science research.  Citizen science is happening in a vast global network and St. Vrain Valley Schools is fortunate to be part of it.  Checkout our elementary Adventure Packs! 

Last week SVVSD middle school students had an opportunity to collaborate with student explorers from Masan Yongma High School in South Korea. On Thursday morning, the South Korean students visited Westview Middle School classrooms where students met, talked, and exchanged ideas. Thursday afternoon the Korean students were given an opportunity to visit the Innovation Center where they learned about the many activities and resources of the Center. Continue reading

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Separating Personal Content from School Content

Following the season of gift-giving and receiving, there may be new devices in your household. Wondering what apps to download to that device? This Essential Apps Guide from Common Sense Media helps parents find appropriate apps by device and age. Many have been rated for learning potential, giving your device an extra dose of enrichment for your family!

This might be an opportune time to share some tips with your student on how to separate personal content from school content on each device. For example, you may want to prevent personal photos, music, apps, etc. from appearing on school devices. Remember, the primary purpose of school devices is to support learning!

If your child has an Apple device they may separate content on these two devices by:

  1. Creating a new Apple ID to use with their new personal device;
  2. Removing the Apple ID associated with their school device or vise-versa. This can be done on the device (iPad/iPhone) you want to remove the association.

If your student has a Chromebook there is a possibility that the extensions and bookmarks that they have on their personal account will also display at school and vise versa. If you want to keep this content separate you will need to unsync the content you wish to keep separate.

Again, separating the devices is a great way to help students separate personal content from their school device.

Happy New Year!

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Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

Balancing the benefits of sharing data (personalization, for example) with the dangers (identity theft) can be difficult; teaching our children how maintain this balance can be daunting.

One way to protect kids online? Talk to them. This site from the Federal Trade Commission has a wealth of resources for parents to begin these important conversations with their children. And here are some stories from other families who share how they navigate data privacy in their homes.

We’d love to hear from you. What is your approach to protecting your children’s data as they begin exploring the internet and social media?

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