Conversations for a Lifetime

Have you ever considered preserving memories, stories, and reflections of beloved family members? A recorded oral history can become a treasured family artifact for generations to come.

As families gather together over the holidays,  you can use any recording app (including the built-in Voice Memos app on secondary student iPads) to record interviews and conversations with family members.

Story Corp has some great suggestions and questions to get you started , and you can even add your stories to the Story Corps archive, if you’d like!

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Road Trip?

Taking a road trip over winter break? Don’t forget that you and your family have access to more than 24,000 titles in SVVSD’s extensive digital library – and many of these titles are available as audio books, too!

Secondary students can use the Sora by OverDrive app on their district iPads to download ebooks and audio books. Click here for directions on downloading and using Sora. (For additional information, explore the FAQs.)

Or, extend learning further by challenging your child to read, watch, and listen to new things over winter break (and win prizes) with Longmont Public Library’s  Winter Break Bingo! for Kids & Teens.

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Hints for Balancing Tech Use Over the Holidays

What’s topping your kids’ holiday wish lists this year? Chances are it has a screen, Internet access, and games. With a little planning — and kids’ assistance — you can balance your family’s tech activities with much-needed face time. This article from Common Sense Media provides some tips to help plugged-in families have a device free(ish) holiday.

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Screen Time: Apple Releases New Parental Control Tools

Screen Time, a new feature of iOS 12,  can inform parents how much time they and their kids spend on apps, websites, and more on their iPads and other Apple devices. Parents can make more informed decisions about how their children use their devices and set limits if they’d like. Click here to learn how to turn on Screen Time, view reports, set limits, and manage a child’s iPad.

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Get digitally organized in with Calendar, Photos, and Notability!


An easy way to boost your student’s organization is to maintain a calendar.

To see how to link Schoology’s calendar to your students Google Calendar click here


Students iPad’s can fill up fast with photos and videos.  Google Photo can automatically back up all photos and videos from the iPad’s camera roll straight into a nicely organized Google Drive folder.  Google Photo also organizes photos automatically by date, location and it can even organize by face recognition.

For more information about Google Photo click here


Students use Notability to take dynamic notes in their classes.  It can be extremely helpful to organize these notes into folders.

Notability lets you organize notes into subjects.

  1. Tap  to make a subject.
    (On iPhone, tap note-btn-subjectList_2x.png first.)
  2. Type a name for the subject and tap “Done”.
    Or, on an external keyboard, press the return key.
  3. To move a note into the subject, press and hold on the note’s thumbnail. Then drag it to the new subject.


For more information about Notability click here

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