Feb 22

Relationship Advice?

It’s February and many of us are having conversations about relationships. One relationship that often gets overlooked is the relationship we have with our own technology.

Our hope is for students to develop healthy relationships with technology: relationships that encourage curiosity and discovery. Relationships that are – hopefully – unlike the relationships depicted in these humorous #DeviceFreeDinner Video clips.

What can we do to foster healthy relationships with our tech? 

  1. Be mindful of our own technology use as adults and role models
  2. We can change how and where we use our devices
    • Check out these explorer Backpacks from the Longmont Library
    • Identify trees from their leaves with the Leafsnap App
  3. Find a balance between using tech to create and not just consume

In the end, modeling healthy relationships with technology is one of the most powerful ways to teach our children how to have healthy relationships with their own technology. For more resources, check out additional hints in this article

Authors: Casey Luker & Eric Rasmussen

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Feb 21

Innovation Center Tech Team

Students with the Innovation Center Tech Team would like to invite you to bring in your Apple equipment (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV) for software and how-to questions. They also do hardware repairs on personally-owned Macs. The Innovation Center, located at 1200 S. Sunset Street, is open Tuesday – Friday, 3pm-5pm.  Students also can answer questions via text chat at 707.832.4783 (S0S.Tech.Que).
The Innovation Center Tech Team is a  program that provides SVVSD students an opportunity to complete Apple Certified Technician Training. This year 21 students (10 young men and 11 young women) passed the certification course and now work at the Innovation Center after school. Over the past four years, approximately 100 students have acquired this valuable certification in SVVSD.  On a recent visit,  two young women were working at the service desk.  When asked, they said the best part of the work was the real-world experience and opportunity to help customers. They are learning new skills about asking the right questions, addressing customer needs, completing work in a timely manner, and communicating with customers about progress made. Student workers are able to respond to questions via text chat or in person.
What a great SVVSD program that develops relevant skills and provides students a competitive edge!

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Feb 20

What does learning with technology look like in schools?

What can learning with technology look like in our schools? Below are a few snapshots from an elementary, middle school, and high school classroom.


In this second grade classroom, students rotate through a math station during small group instruction time.  They identify three-digit numbers, use digital manipulatives to model the numbers, and write the numbers in expanded form. When completed they will share and explain their learning with their teacher and parents using the SeeSaw App.

The middle school students above are using the collaboration station in the school’s library during Science class to learn about changes in organisms. Students utilize both print and digital learning resources while sharing and collaborating on the large screen.


These high school students are working on a student-created Breakout EDU, an immersive learning activity  where students use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging problems. Interactive Keynote presentations and informational project boards are some of the learning resources utilized by these students learning about the effects of the Cold War on different nations.

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Jan 22

Innovation Center Classes – Registration Ends Soon!

The Innovation Center offers advanced STEM coursework, often leading to industry certifications, to high school students throughout St. Vrain Valley Schools. Students can take classes in robotics, information technology, video production, unmanned aerial systems, and more! The Innovation Center also provides students with links to business and employment opportunities surrounding theses fields.

Take a look at the 2018-19 Innovation Center Course Guide

Please keep the following in mind as you and your student register for CTE classes:

  • Classes at either location are open to all district high school students.
  • Transportation is provided to and from all students’ home high schools.
  • All CDC and IC classes count as practical arts credit towards graduation.
  • Families can create a new account or use an existing RevTrak account.

Register for 2018-19 Innovation Center High School Classes by January 28th!

Advanced Robotics
Apple Service
AR/VR Development
Cyber Security
Drones & Flight
Training Entrepreneurship
IT Fundamentals


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Jan 22

Global Connections and Real World Citizen Science

Lifelong learning is critical to our well-being as an individual and as a society.  What better way to learn than out in nature?  With the addition of technology tools, even our youngest learners can contribute to the world of science research.  Citizen science is happening in a vast global network and St. Vrain Valley Schools is fortunate to be part of it.  Checkout our elementary Adventure Packs! 

Last week SVVSD middle school students had an opportunity to collaborate with student explorers from Masan Yongma High School in South Korea. On Thursday morning, the South Korean students visited Westview Middle School classrooms where students met, talked, and exchanged ideas. Thursday afternoon the Korean students were given an opportunity to visit the Innovation Center where they learned about the many activities and resources of the Center. Continue reading

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