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Parent Tip: Setting reminders with Siri

Do you ever feel like a broken record with reminding your student about an upcoming assignment or even something as simple as “Don’t forget to plug in your iPad?” With Siri, you can help your student learn to set their own reminders and become more responsible for setting priorities.

It’s easy to do. Simply press and hold the Home button on the iPad to activate Siri and state what you need to be reminded of. Some examples include:

  • Remind me to plug in my iPad at 8:00 PM every night.
  • Remind me to bring my permission slip to class on Friday.
  • Remind me to return my library book in two weeks.
  • Remind me to take out the kitchen trash on Sunday night.
  • Remind me to ask my science teacher about my quiz grade at 9:00 AM tomorrow.

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Look for additional Camp iPad for Parent opportunities in the near future!

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3 Things to Talk to Your Kids About Before Watching the Super Bowl

Watching football is a favorite pastime for many families. But the sexism and violence on the field, and in the commercials, can send iffy messages to your kids. Learn three things to talk about with your kids before you turn on the big game.



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Three things to know about the iPad in the classroom.

We’re a little more than halfway into the school year and seeing some interesting uses of the iPad to support instruction. So, what does an iPad enhanced classroom look like?

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Ms. Steele, a 7th grade science teacher at Trail Ridge, is using the iPad as one of many tools to support learning about science. She shares that “with the iPad, students seem more engaged and are participating more in the learning.” You can get a glimpse into her classroom in the “Spotlight on Practice: Blending Hands on and Digital Learning” video from our Instructional Technology Coordinator team. Here are three things you should know about how our teachers are using the iPad:

1. The iPad isn’t replacing face-to-face or hands-on learning. Teachers like Ms. Steele are realizing that by blending technology use with other activities, they can better meet the needs of all students.

2. The iPad allows students of different needs to access learning. Many of our teachers are using tools like the built-in dictionary and text-to-speech so that even those who need extra support can learn alongside their peers.

3. Students are better able to organize their learning when all their resources are in one place. We’ve heard from many teachers that missing assignments are decreasing because students can find their assignments and resources on their iPad. Instead of worrying about the worksheet left in their locker or the assignment given on the day they were absent, students have access at the tips of their fingers.

How are you seeing the iPad support learning for your student? Share your insights with us!



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