[Advice video] Smart Screen Time Tips

Here is another gem from the folks at Common Sense Media. Whether it’s mastering math or practicing social skills, today’s screens can teach important lessons. Get tips on how to make the most of your kids’ screen time.

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 In addition to the the coding site mentioned, many of our schools use Hopscotch to teach coding on iPads.

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Parents and Guardians, what do YOU want to learn?

We encourage parents and guardians to learn with the iPad too.


Learning is fun and easy with Khan Academy videos. Do you want to learn about computer programming, macroeconomics, algebra, or prehistoric art?  Instructional videos teach you these topics and more.  Create a free account and start learning yourself or consider creating a Parent account and help your child learn.

If you want to learn another language, it’s free and easy with duolingo.com.  Use the duolingo app or use the Safari browser on the iPad to go to the website.  Choose the language you speak and the language you want to learn, go at your own pace, unlock the next level as you go.  It’s fun! Create a free account and start practicing.

Want to hear some interesting experts talk about a topic of your choice?  Try TED Talks – some are entertaining, some are controversial, and all are high quality and thought-provoking.

Are you interested in New Bionic Limbs, or Pollination, or Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad for You?  Search topics or listen to the current Most Popular talks on TED.

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Screen Time and Springtime

As spring arrives, the days get longer and the weather gets nicer. Kids are outside playing baseball or basketball, riding bikes or skateboards, just being outside with friends.

But wait!

Your kid is still on their iPad or other device watching YouTube or scrolling through Instagram or raiding villages in Clash of Clans.

Here are two ways to get your kids to have less screen time and more spring time.


Try DIY.orgDIY.org






DIY.org encourages kids to discover new skills, meet friends, and be awesome. DIY.org provides resources to over 120 different skills in over 12 different categories for kids to explore. Think of the badges like scout badges, kids learn about a topic by watching different project videos. They choose three projects to complete and post a video or image about what they did to complete it. The community of kids provides feedback and helps answers questions. After they post three projects on a skill they earn a badge, or they can earn Master Skill level by completing six projects on a specific skill.

DIY Badges

What I liked best as a parent
  • It’s Free!
  • It’s Private and Safe!
  • Kids learning and sharing with other kids
  • Projects are thoughtful and fun
  • It provides new skills to explore



Caine’s Arcade

Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation in his dad’s auto part business where he let his imagination motivate him as he created an elaborate cardboard arcade. He worked all summer creating games and waiting for customers. Then on the last day of summer vacation his first customer walked in a bought a Fun Pass. Watch Caine’s story unfold.

Caine's Arcade

Click on image to play video

 Caine’s story helped launch the Global Cardboard Challenge and the Imagination Foundation that focus on fostering and celebrating children’s creativity and lets children explore their interests and passions.


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[Video] Simple test to spot a weak password & how the ol’ “switcharoo” trick fixes it

Why is this guy holding a dictionary and what the heck is the password “SWITCHAROO“?

This short video teaches one simple way to know if you have a weak password and, more importantly, what to do about it.

Introducing one of the oldest password tricks in the book, the “SWITCHAROO”:


Some password “switcharoos” to consider using:

  • a = @
  • e = 3
  • i = 1
  • o = 0
  • u = v
  • L = 7

What is your favorite password tip or trick?


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Check Out the St. Vrain Digital Library

Screen Shot 2015 03 10 at 8 48 14 PMIt’s essential that students have access to high quality digital resources, and one of the best resources we can ever provide to students is a really good book.

With the St. Vrain Digital Library, now a good book is only a tap or a click away. St. Vrain students can login to the new digital library with their student username and password.  The library is NOT a replacement for our school libraries.  It’s intended to supplement the collections available to students via their school libraries (We believe print books are still an important part of a balanced literacy diet.).

This year, a team of teacher librarians has worked to stock the digital library with a good mix of fiction and nonfiction high interest texts. Alongside that collection is a collection of novels that supplement our Collections secondary language arts curriculum. Those novels were chosen by a team of language arts teachers working with our district language arts coordinator.  So either in class or out of class, there’s plenty of reading to be had in the St. Vrain Digital Library.

While all students can see the titles available for checkout, the collection is segmented into three age groups – so elementary students won’t be checking out high school reading material.

We encourage you and your students to check out the St. Vrain Digital Library today!  Better yet – we encourage you to find something there to read together.

You can find the library via any Web browser at:


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