Screen Time: Apple Releases New Parental Control Tools

Screen Time, a new feature of iOS 12,  can inform parents how much time they and their kids spend on apps, websites, and more on their iPads and other Apple devices. Parents can make more informed decisions about how their children use their devices and set limits if they’d like. Click here to learn how to turn on Screen Time, view reports, set limits, and manage a child’s iPad.

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Get digitally organized in with Calendar, Photos, and Notability!


An easy way to boost your student’s organization is to maintain a calendar.

To see how to link Schoology’s calendar to your students Google Calendar click here


Students iPad’s can fill up fast with photos and videos.  Google Photo can automatically back up all photos and videos from the iPad’s camera roll straight into a nicely organized Google Drive folder.  Google Photo also organizes photos automatically by date, location and it can even organize by face recognition.

For more information about Google Photo click here


Students use Notability to take dynamic notes in their classes.  It can be extremely helpful to organize these notes into folders.

Notability lets you organize notes into subjects.

  1. Tap  to make a subject.
    (On iPhone, tap note-btn-subjectList_2x.png first.)
  2. Type a name for the subject and tap “Done”.
    Or, on an external keyboard, press the return key.
  3. To move a note into the subject, press and hold on the note’s thumbnail. Then drag it to the new subject.


For more information about Notability click here

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Digital Library

Did you know that St. Vrain students have more than 24,000 titles available to them in our extensive digital library?

Secondary students can use the Sora by OverDrive app on their district iPads to download ebooks and audio books. Click here for directions on downloading and using Sora. (For additional information, explore the FAQs.) You can even add your local public library in the app to explore more titles!

Screenshot of number of titles available

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Maintaining Tech Harmony at Home

In today’s digitally-fueled times, how might we teach our children to use technology in healthy ways and develop skills and habits that will help them be successful? The author of this article from the New York Times offers three general tips:

1. Aim for balance;

2. Be a role model;

3. Make tech a family affair.

From 2-year-olds who seem to intuitively understand your smart phone to teenagers who need some (but not too much) freedom, read the full article for suggestions for making technology work for your family from toddlerhood through the teenage years.

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Got an iPad? Get Insurance!

Accidents happen! The SVVSD Optional iPad Insurance Program for secondary students covers many of the costs associated with a damaged or lost iPad.  This year, the cost has been lowered to $25 AND includes new levels of coverage.  Plus, students who opt into insurance this year will be able to exchange a non-functioning cable for a new one at no cost! Use this link to learn more.

The window for opting into coverage ends August 29. You can pay the fee through RevTrack or in your school’s main office.

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