A Great Time of Year for Parents to Learn

Evolving technology can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy parent, and if parents don’t understand the technology used by their children, how can they support their students?

With our district-wide subscription, parents receive access to the complete Atomic Learning training library. This allows parents to stay connected, learn about the technology being used by students, and improve their own skills.

Popular parent resources include:

To access Atomic Learning, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.atomiclearning.com
  2. Click “Login” in the upper right corner
  3. username = stvrain
    password = valley
  4. Enjoy!

St Vrain Flyer_Parents

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What are kids installing?

FC Deleting Apps Want to know what your child is installing on their device, but you don’t want to interfere with instructional apps being installed?


In restrictions turn off the ability to delete apps. This way your child can install apps anytime but they need your restriction passcode to delete apps. Check the device occasionally to see what has been installed.

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TVK8 Camp iPad for Parents recap & reminder

The October 13th Camp iPad for Parents event at Thunder Valley K8 was attended by many caring parents. They learned how the iPads were used in classrooms, provided with several tips & tricks, and given an opportunity to discuss several topics on their minds including how to monitor their child’s online behaviors, Schoology, and more.

When asked to describe the two-hour camp with one word, participants mentioned “informational”, “helpful”, “relief”, and “fun”.

We hope to see you at our next Camp iPad for Parents scheduled for October 29th at Longmont High. Register today for either the12:30-2:30 PM or 5:30-7:30 PM session. Repeat Campers are welcome!

TVK8CampIPadForParentsOct2015 TVK8 Camp iPad for parents

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How can I make my middle school child’s ‘digits’ math BIGGER?

Recently, at a Camp iPad for Parents session, we were asked “How can I make my child’s digits math application look bigger?

The answer from our district’s Math team is to use the iPad’s built-in Zoom feature.

  • digits is the math program used by all SVVSD middle school students except Erie and Longs Peak Middle Schools.


Zooming on the iPad

The font size of the digital homework problems can be difficult for some to see.  The zoom feature must be enabled on the iPad under “Settings,” then “General,” then “Accessibility.”  Make sure Window Zoom is selected under “Zoom Region.”


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Homework on the iPad

Now that my children are using iPads at school, I notice that they are having to do more school work online. They have to  access their teacher’s Schoology page for assignments, use the Internet to access textbooks, and they conduct online research or other work within the Google Apps. How am I supposed to know when they are actually doing homework?


Here are a few suggestions.


Wifi Cutoff Time

I started with rules and expectations regarding homework and devices. My children know that wifi access to their devices are cutoff at a specific time (example, 9:00PM for my middle schooler). That way any online access required they are forced to ask to use my device or the family device. And I also know they did not get it done. Some parents set up their routers to automatically shutoff at a certain time each night, those less tech savvy parents may just unplug a router when they go to bed.


Device Charging Area

My family also has rules regarding charging of the device. When the iPad needs charging it comes to a central location (kitchen) to charge. This puts the device in a central location for night time.


Flip-it or Let Me See It

My favorite rule is this. If I tell my children to Flip-it or Let Me See It they have to immediately show me the screen, No Clicking Allowed. If I suspect they hit close an app I take the device and double tap the home button (round button on the bottom of the screen) and it shows me all the open apps in order of the most recent opened. If they don’t flip or are off task they have consequences.


It was important to have a conversation with my children in order to explain and discuss the rules and expectations. I found that having that conversations provided my children an opportunity to feel heard. We discussed wifi times and varied the weekend times from the weekday times. They knew that if they did not flip their device when I asked it was immediately taken away. Setting clear expectations and consequences made this process much more manageable.

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