A view into one high school’s tech rollout after the first 12 weeks

I want to share some examples of the type of positive impact learning technology is having from one of our schools. Julie Read, Longmont High School’s Learning Technology Coach, summarized the first twelve weeks with iPads at her school with a catchy video made on an iPad with Adobe Voice.

Click here to watch the English version and click here for the Spanish audio version. Both versions have subtitle options.

Julie also created an “interactive report” showing many of the great things already happening. Click here to view the “interactive report”.

Please know these activities are occurring in all of our schools. We live in an amazing time and are fortunate to have an opportunity to provide our students with world-class learning opportunities.



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5 Questions to Consider Before Buying Tech for Your Child

This video from CommonSenseMedia.org discusses E-readers, tablets, phones, gaming devices and how they are evolving faster than ever. And it’s getting harder for parents to keep up.

Here are five questions for parents and grandparents to consider before buying a new device for your child.



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A Great Time of Year for Parents to Learn

Evolving technology can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy parent, and if parents don’t understand the technology used by their children, how can they support their students?

With our district-wide subscription, parents receive access to the complete Atomic Learning training library. This allows parents to stay connected, learn about the technology being used by students, and improve their own skills.

Popular parent resources include:

To access Atomic Learning, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.atomiclearning.com
  2. Click “Login” in the upper right corner
  3. username = stvrain
    password = valley
  4. Enjoy!

St Vrain Flyer_Parents

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What are kids installing?

FC Deleting Apps Want to know what your child is installing on their device, but you don’t want to interfere with instructional apps being installed?


In restrictions turn off the ability to delete apps. This way your child can install apps anytime but they need your restriction passcode to delete apps. Check the device occasionally to see what has been installed.

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TVK8 Camp iPad for Parents recap & reminder

The October 13th Camp iPad for Parents event at Thunder Valley K8 was attended by many caring parents. They learned how the iPads were used in classrooms, provided with several tips & tricks, and given an opportunity to discuss several topics on their minds including how to monitor their child’s online behaviors, Schoology, and more.

When asked to describe the two-hour camp with one word, participants mentioned “informational”, “helpful”, “relief”, and “fun”.

We hope to see you at our next Camp iPad for Parents scheduled for October 29th at Longmont High. Register today for either the12:30-2:30 PM or 5:30-7:30 PM session. Repeat Campers are welcome!

TVK8CampIPadForParentsOct2015 TVK8 Camp iPad for parents

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