How Important Is My Social Media Footprint? [online training course]

Atomic Learning has an online social media “footprint” class available for both parents and students.

Your social media footprint is important and can follow you forever. This training offers some suggestions for managing your social media footprint and being more vigilant in the future.

By the end of the training, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze your social media footprint
  • Implement the ideas in the topic and change your social media footprint

To access the course follow this link. Students will enter their SVVSD username and password and parents can use the username stvrain with the password valley to access the course.


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Computer Science Week update [video]

Many students in the St. Vrain Valley Schools recently participated in Computer Science Week (December 7-13, 2015).

The high levels creative thinking involved explore to countless aspects of computer science was impressive!

Here is a video glimpse into Trail Ridge Middle School’s week.

CSWeekClick here to view the video.


IMG_3804 IMG_3803

CS Weeek


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Art meets iPad

Jason Turner, Thunder Valley K8 Art teacher, recently used iPads to enhance a self-portrait lesson.

This video shows a fun, engaging example of what happens when a creative teacher mixes with engaged students and exciting technologies.



Click here to watch the video.




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A view into one high school’s tech rollout after the first 12 weeks

I want to share some examples of the type of positive impact learning technology is having from one of our schools. Julie Read, Longmont High School’s Learning Technology Coach, summarized the first twelve weeks with iPads at her school with a catchy video made on an iPad with Adobe Voice.

Click here to watch the English version and click here for the Spanish audio version. Both versions have subtitle options.

Julie also created an “interactive report” showing many of the great things already happening. Click here to view the “interactive report”.

Please know these activities are occurring in all of our schools. We live in an amazing time and are fortunate to have an opportunity to provide our students with world-class learning opportunities.



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5 Questions to Consider Before Buying Tech for Your Child

This video from discusses E-readers, tablets, phones, gaming devices and how they are evolving faster than ever. And it’s getting harder for parents to keep up.

Here are five questions for parents and grandparents to consider before buying a new device for your child.


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