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Tips for Taking Great Photos with an iPad


Taking pictures with the iPad is a breeze, but taking good ones becomes a little easier with a few tricks.

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At what age should my child get a smartphone?

teenage girls on phones

What age is the right age for a child to receive a smart phone? Dr. Devorah Heitner offers some suggestions for parents.

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Want to improve your tech skills?

group talking

The Longmont Library is hosting free tech caf├ęs this spring for technology beginners or those with specific questions about technology use.

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Did you know that students can use technology tools to help increase well-being?

blue sky and mountains

Technology has given us some new resources to increase our ability to manage anxiety symptoms and increase overall mindfulness and well-being.

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Maintaining Focus

In an age of constant dings, beeps, badges, and pop-ups, it’s easy to lose focus and wander down a rabbit hole of distraction. How can we help our children develop healthy habits and maintain focus amidst distractions?

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