Category: Parental Restrictions

Setting Expectations for Technology Use at Home

St. Vrain Valley Schools provides each student an iPad for learning at school and at home. While a basic level of restrictions is set on all school devices, families are encouraged to set healthy limits for home use that meet their needs and align with their family values.

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New Tool for Internet Filtering at Home

Beginning in May 2021, all district devices will have consistent internet filtering across all networks!

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Media Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Media and digital devices are an integral part of our world today. This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics contains tips to help parents promote healthy digital habits for their children and teens.

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Using Screen Time Settings to Build Healthy Tech Habits

screen time icon

Screen Time is a relatively new feature from Apple that provides more information about the use of the device as well as specific parental controls that might be helpful. Screen Time is a tool that is available for parents to enable on all district iPads. 

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Healthy Bedtime Routines

Sleep experts agree that teens need around nine hours of sleep a night, but by 2015, 43 percent of teens reported sleeping less than seven hours a night on most nights – meaning almost half of U.S. teens are significantly sleep-deprived. Should bedrooms be a no-phone zone? Read more for practical suggestions for teens and their families.

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