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Setting Expectations for Technology Use at Home

St. Vrain Valley Schools provides each student an iPad for learning at school and at home. While a basic level of restrictions is set on all school devices, families are encouraged to set healthy limits for home use that meet their needs and align with their family values.

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We are screen smart.

This fall, St. Vrain launched Screen Smart St. Vrain, a digital citizenship campaign to encourage teachers, students, and families to think critically, make proactive choices, and use technology as a tool to create a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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Online Learning Resources for Parents

As we began the school year in a remote learning environment before moving to a hybrid schedule, partnerships between home and school are more vital than ever. Learn more about using tools such as Seesaw, Schoology, and Webex to support your student’s learning.

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Affordable Internet Options for Families

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To support student learning and access to the internet at home, several options are available to families.

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At what age should my child get a smartphone?

teenage girls on phones

What age is the right age for a child to receive a smart phone? Dr. Devorah Heitner offers some suggestions for parents.

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