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YouTube offers content that educates and entertains its viewers. It is easy to get lost in this vast library of user-generated material.  Kids just love discovering new videos, but not content is not appropriate for kids. Common Sense Media has posted A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube to provides suggestions on how parents can enjoy …

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How Teens Share Information on Social Media

Social media sites are outlets for teens to share information about themselves. The shear number of social media outlets provide teens easy ways to communicate, post pictures or videos, and share thoughts and respond to others. According to a Pew Research study 81% of online teens users have an account on social media.  Do you know …

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Likes and Self Esteem

How can a simple button have so much impact on self esteem? For today’s teens it can be directly related. When that Like button is clicked it means people like what you have to say and people think what you share is important. It means people are paying attention to you. For teens there is …

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What are kids installing?

 Want to know what your child is installing on their device, but you don’t want to interfere with instructional apps being installed?   In restrictions turn off the ability to delete apps. This way your child can install apps anytime but they need your restriction passcode to delete apps. Check the device occasionally to see …

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Homework on the iPad

Now that my children are using iPads at school, I notice that they are having to do more school work online. They have to  access their teacher’s Schoology page for assignments, use the Internet to access textbooks, and they conduct online research or other work within the Google Apps. How am I supposed to know …

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