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What does learning with technology look like in schools?

What can learning with technology look like in our schools? Here’s a brief glimpse into an elementary, middle school, and high school classroom.

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Video Memories

Looking for a productive way your students can use their iPad over winter break? Encourage them to take lots of pictures of special moments! Read more to learn how to create a memory video to share with family and friends!

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Teens and Tech: A New Landscape

Understanding how teens communicate and interact can be a challenge for parents. The constant texting, pinning, posting, liking and scrolling through that variety of apps and social media have changed the way teens interact. As parents we need to be a resource for our children in this digital world. It is important that we ask questions, …

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Device Usage

I encourage parents to have conversations with their children about how they spend their time on devices. Here is a quick way to check how a student is using a device. Open Settings Select Battery Click on the Clock icon (* this will only appear in iOS 9) See how many minutes an app is used

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Parents Discuss iPads at Coal Ridge Middle School

Parents at Coal Ridge Middle School had an opportunity to answer these questions at Open House; What have you been most impressed with regarding your student’s use of technology? In what ways has school changed since you were a child?

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