Family Movie Making

If you’re a child of the 80s, you may have fond memories of your parents lugging around a huge camcorder to record every event, milestone, and vacation and then watching those experiences together on the family television.

Now we have that powerful video making capacity at our fingertips. In SVVSD, we’re particularly excited about apps like iMovie and Clips available on district iPads to help students become their own storytellers.

We encourage you to embrace storytelling in your own home! Here are a few ideas for video-making opportunities in everyday experiences:

  • Favorite Dance Moves
    • Take videos of each family member doing their favorite dance moves and combine them into an awesome dance party movie!
  • Interviews with Each Other
    • Create a list of questions to ask each other and film the interviews. These make amazing gifts!
  • Book Talks
    • After a trip to the library, film your book recommendations to share with friends and family. What books would you recommend and why?
  • Sport Moves
    • Use options like Slow Motion or Time Lapse and film your child playing a game, kicking a ball, swinging a bat, doing a cartwheel, climbing, etc. Have your child reflect on their technique or improvements they want to make, or just celebrate the movement! Be brave–have your child film you performing a skill!

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