Middle School Students’ Reflections on Technology

Students today have never known a world without the ability to Google something.  Wondering if they had ever thought about what their lives would be like without technology tools, we asked a group of SVVS middle school students how technology impacts their learning in school and at home. Below are some of their thoughts.

“The iPads give me the ability to bring my learning into my own hands. With the iPads I can learn at my own speed, which helps me learn much more than I could without them. I can also follow my interests like making videos or writing music.” – CW

“Our learning would be so much different without technology. We would not have the opportunity to do projects like podcasts or make slideshows for a presentation. We also would not have the ability to have easy access to calculators or online graphing calculators likes Desmos which some kids use to expand their learning farther than what the curriculum is. ” -SF

“I can’t imagine not having any technology. I know it could happen and it still happens in some parts of the world, but I feel like I would not have a good future because the workforce is changing as well and if you don’t have a background in technology it would be very hard to get a job.” -TM

“Technology has become a part of everyone’s daily lives, not just a part of schools. The world is changing, and that is ok….  Instead of using textbooks that are old we have access to the newest information and even the oldest information on the internet. Because of all of this information and how quickly we can get that information, we have more time to learn more.” – AA

“I have been teaching myself ASL(American Sign Language) through my iPad.” – EY

“Technology has changed the way I learn because we have access to a lot more information and tools. We can do things like create animated video presentations rather than writing an essay. We have also done online discussions from our homes and get feedback from our peers on our ideas and questions.” -KW

“The iPads allow us to have multiple resources in one place rather than hauling heavy books back and forth. Of course there are flaws that come with using iPads, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion. For example, I struggle in math. The immediate feedback that I am provided makes a huge difference. Communicating with my teachers and peers through email is so much more efficient than waiting until the next time I see them.” -ND

“Look at where the future is going and how technology will be one of the biggest parts to it all. Yes it can be a distraction, but we are learning to control ourselves around them so that later in a working environment we are not distracted by technology. The sooner we learn to handle technology the better and more successful we can be in our future.” – Avery

“Without technology in schools, our learning and our opportunities would be very restricted. Technology lets us find new ways to work and new ways to learn…. Today our world is much more technology based. Technology in schools is opening opportunities for students to get a leap for future jobs and future opportunities.” -HA

“While some kids are distracted by technology, the majority of kids are not. When you use the iPad responsibly, you are able to do things you never could without technology – things like having more fun with a project by getting to create your own presentation, video, or website. You are also able to deepen your understanding of a topic by getting to individually do much more research, and have more sources available.” – JH

“Technology is part of how we learn and it helps us find information and it helps us get a more in-depth knowledge that just teacher can’t give us. Of course without teachers we couldn’t learn as much with just technology. It’s the teachers working with the technology that can give us the most knowledge and the most out of school.” -AE

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    It is imperative for all people to understand the ever transforming face of learning in the 21st century. Students are empowered in having information and tools at their fingertips that most people in the general population do not know about/understand. The traditional ways of learning and what was important to learn information-wise is not relevant today… rather it important for students to gather information, discuss and utilize and practice the “learning” which fits their own needs. Technology allows this to happen in GREAT NUMBERS for kids regardless to “the school” they go to or the teachers they have.

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