We are Meteorologists!

Kindergarteners at several of our elementary schools have been working hard as weather reporters. Students have been using green-screen technology to simulate a weather broadcast. The reports contain updates on the current weather conditions, a forecast for the next day, and a reminder of the appropriate clothing for the next day’s conditions.

Videos are shared with parents and families through the digital portfolio app, Seesaw.  Family members are able to “like” and “comment” on their own student’s work once approved by the teacher.  Teachers have seen a direct impact on student attitude and engagement through the use of digital sharing with families and the creation tools in Seesaw.

At one school, students had the opportunity to meet a sports broadcaster from Corpus Christi, Texas. Teachers organized a virtual meeting so students could tour the newscasting facilities. The broadcaster showed students the studio’s green-screen used during news productions.  

Students were enthusiastic to learn about career opportunities that they are practicing for in now in kindergarten!

Click here to see a short clip of the virtual field trip.


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