Relationship Advice?

It’s February and many of us are having conversations about relationships. One relationship that often gets overlooked is the relationship we have with our own technology.

Our hope is for students to develop healthy relationships with technology: relationships that encourage curiosity and discovery. Relationships that are – hopefully – unlike the relationships depicted in these humorous #DeviceFreeDinner Video clips.

What can we do to foster healthy relationships with our tech? 

  1. Be mindful of our own technology use as adults and role models
  2. We can change how and where we use our devices
    • Check out these explorer Backpacks from the Longmont Library
    • Identify trees from their leaves with the Leafsnap App
  3. Find a balance between using tech to create and not just consume

In the end, modeling healthy relationships with technology is one of the most powerful ways to teach our children how to have healthy relationships with their own technology. For more resources, check out additional hints in this article

Authors: Casey Luker & Eric Rasmussen

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