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When we read an interesting story that grabs our attention and leads us down a path to something new, we can get lost exploring a world we didn’t know existed. How might we foster this kind of growth in our students?  

When children are allowed time to explore and ask questions about things that are interesting to them, we create the foundation for an inquiry based classroom where students are in charge of their own learning.  Technology empowers us to tap into the work of creative and curious people, and each student in SVVSD has the tools in their hands to explore at home and at school. Here are some of websites that you and your family might find interesting to explore and learn together at home.


Wonderopolis is a great place to start for all ages. Wonderopolis was created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) in 2010.  This site opens with a “question of the day” to explore. These questions are archived within the site. It’s a great way to bring you together to think and ask questions about a topic that excites you.

How about the Smithsonian online collections? Or go directly to the Smithsonian Online Exhibits for Kids. It’s a place to get “lost” for a long time online! Or Explore our nation’s rich treasures, science, and shared history.

See also the Museum Spot  – a great resource for all things “museum.”  Go there to explore and learn about other fantastic museums online.

There are so many libraries online. Why not start in our own Library of Congress? The Education link on the Library of Congress site is for “students and life-long learners.”  Check it out!

Looking for more library ideas? Check out the Library Spot, which compiles interesting things to find in online libraries! The Homework Spot is fun to explore, too. Click on the Field Trips or explore exhibits like this one about Baseball from the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Our own local museum, The Longmont Museum is a great place for the families to go or visit the exhibits online.   Check out the exhibits and look ahead to some of the special classes offered for children during the holiday season and Winter Break.   


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