End of Year Tech Tips and Conversations

With the end of the year fast approaching we hope you’ll help your middle and high school students think about things they’ll need to save PRIOR to the date when they turn in their iPad at the end of the year. With the advent of cloud computing, saving data or backing up looks different than when we were in school. Below are some helpful tips for parents and students.

Note: Here’s a resource for students exiting the school district. 

Before we get to the tips consider some of the conversations that you could engage in during this time:
  • The importance of regularly backing up data – Perhaps you have a story about a time when you lost something because you forgot to back it up.
  • What kinds of things might be desirable to save and why. (Think about saving their best work for a portfolio they can use for scholarships and applications.)
  • What was learned throughout the year and how their iPad data demonstrates their learning.

Tech Tips

If your student uses an an Apple ID on their school device:
  • They will not be able to restore from an iCloud backup due to the tool we use to manage devices, but their can still use iCloud to save and sync some things such as Notes, Reminders and Contacts. The green indicates that this tool is being backed up.
  • iCloud can be used to save or sync some data, but is limited to 5 GB.
  • Students will need to save any content connected to their apps if they want access to it in the future. See below for recommendations on how to do this.
If your student doesn’t have an Apple ID connected to their school device:

We recommend using Google Drive to back up important information, as there is unlimited storage available for SVVSD students.

Content students might want to backup includes:

  • Photos
  • Files from important apps used in school such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie etc. [Note: only completed movies will transfer in a backup.]
  • Explain Everything files
  • Notability files
  • Files from other apps that can be shared to Google Drive
With regard to Schoology:
  • If a student has submitted an assignment that was created in Schoology, they will not have access to it once the school year is over. If they have an assignment they’d like to save they will need to save it in their Schoology Personal Resources folder to access it the following year.

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