Creating with iPads!

Utilizing iPads in our PreK-5th grade classrooms enables students to create and share independent and group creations.  Students are not merely consuming content, but teachers are encouraging creations to share with a wide audience!  

Some apps we’ve used in this process include: Book Creator, Explain Everything, iMovie, and DoInk Green Screen.

How can you inspire and support at home?  Below are some project ideas you and your student can create with an iPad to share with family and friends.  I bet Grandma would love to see and hear about school through one of these digital projects!


1) Journals

Use Book Creator to create a digital journal documenting the process of a project, trip, experience, etc.  Book Creator will allow you to add text, photo, video, audio, and drawings with a very friendly user interface.  (Will you try the comic book feature too?)

Book Creator Tutorials


2) Tutorials

Use Explain Everything to teach others the content learned at school.  This year, students have shown how to do the steps of a math problem with text, drawing, and audio.  Students can specify and point out parts of their illustrations with the pointer feature in Explain Everything.  We learn best by teaching others, right?  

Explain Everything Tutorials


3) Commercials

Use iMovie to showcase what your student is learning in a fun way!  What is their opinion on the book they are currently reading?  Use iMovie to retell major story components in a trailer for potential readers.

iMovie Help and Support


4) Travel Vlogs

Use the DoInk Green Screen app to document travel through time and location with a video blog !  Find photos of the moon, ocean, or anywhere of interest to serve as a background.  Students can record themselves in the scene explaining their location. (Some research might be necessary here, so head to for a safe, kid-friendly search engine!)

DoInk Green Screen Tutorials

Give it a try and let us know how it goes with a message below!

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