Getting to know Schoology our LMS

What is a LMS (Learning Management System)?

A learning management system is designed to be the bridge that links the learning that happens in the physical classroom to a digital space. Teachers create, track and manage digital learning materials like assignments, discussion and quizzes. St. Vrain Valley Schools adopted Schoology as their LMS in spring of 2014 to support the Learning Technology Plan. A primary benefit of Schoology is that it gives students, teachers, and parents a consistent digital platform to find things like homework and class materials.


Schoology and Parents

Schoology allows parents to see the learning that is going on in their student’s classroom. Instead of waiting until a test or assignment has been completed and graded, parents can proactively view the learning materials and due dates to best support their student.

Keep in mind that Schoology is different from Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus is our official SIS (Student Information System) and stores student information such as demographics, attendance, grades, and schedules. All official grades and attendance are kept in Infinite Campus.

Not all buildings or teachers, in the district use Schoology exactly the same way, so be sure to ask your school.

Click here for detailed instructions about Schoology and how to get a parent account!


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