Dec 15


I am always prepared to “turn and face the strange.” My friend,Tom, is not. He and I both have children under the age of 3 and recently our conversation sauntered to a thought-provoking topic: the rapidly changing world!

I made a somewhat bold prediction that, “because of the rapidly growing self-driving car industry, I don’t think our kids will ever physically drive a car.” I presented compelling arguments to support my claim, including a recent law passed in the state of Michigan which allows for  “vehicles without steering wheels, gas or brake pedals or any need for human control.” I also told him of a local self-driving feat involving “the first commercial shipment by a self-driving vehicle”: an 18 wheeler hauled 51,744 cans of Budweiser beer down I-25 from Fort Collins to Denver.

Forecasting change is an imprecise science. Making exact predictions about how change will occur is impossible. So while I can’t predict if Google, Uber, or Tesla will be the leader in the self-driving car industry, I can say that driving for my children will be different than it was for me. After our discussion I realized how thought-provoking and fun it is to “face the strange” and forecast change! Don’t believe me? Let’s try! Watch the video, and think about the questions below….Bonus points if you do this with your student!

1.) What type of jobs will technology like this eliminate?

2.) What type of jobs will technology like this create?

3.) What changes need to be made in our educational system to prepare students for this kind of a world?

4.) What kind of concerns does something like this raise?

5.) What excites you about this potential change?

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