Screen Time and Springtime

As spring arrives, the days get longer and the weather gets nicer. Kids are outside playing baseball or basketball, riding bikes or skateboards, just being outside with friends.

But wait!

Your kid is still on their iPad or other device watching YouTube or scrolling through Instagram or raiding villages in Clash of Clans.

Here are two ways to get your kids to have less screen time and more spring time.




 encourages kids to discover new skills, meet friends, and be awesome. provides resources to over 120 different skills in over 12 different categories for kids to explore. Think of the badges like scout badges, kids learn about a topic by watching different project videos. They choose three projects to complete and post a video or image about what they did to complete it. The community of kids provides feedback and helps answers questions. After they post three projects on a skill they earn a badge, or they can earn Master Skill level by completing six projects on a specific skill.

DIY Badges

What I liked best as a parent
  • It’s Free!
  • It’s Private and Safe!
  • Kids learning and sharing with other kids
  • Projects are thoughtful and fun
  • It provides new skills to explore



Caine’s Arcade

Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation in his dad’s auto part business where he let his imagination motivate him as he created an elaborate cardboard arcade. He worked all summer creating games and waiting for customers. Then on the last day of summer vacation his first customer walked in a bought a Fun Pass. Watch Caine’s story unfold.

Caine's Arcade

Click on image to play video

 Caine’s story helped launch the Global Cardboard Challenge and the Imagination Foundation that focus on fostering and celebrating children’s creativity and lets children explore their interests and passions.


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