Five Fantastic Apps for Family Fun Night

Want to bring your family game night into the 21st century? Here are five free iPad games that promote learning and cooperation while providing fun for the whole crew!

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Reverse Charades A fun twist on the traditional game in which the entire family acts out the words while a single person tries to guess as many as they can within the time limit. The free version comes with several sample packs of words. This app does offer in-app purchase of additional words. Another fun charades game, Charades for Kids has a free version, but you’ll need to be ok with ads if you select that one.

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Mr. Words is a Scrabble version for two players that doesn’t connect to FaceBook. A great vocabulary building game that even includes a Jr. version for younger players.


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Othello The classic game, without the need to keep up with all those pieces. (This app includes ads at the bottom of the screen)


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Five Dice. Can you use the dice to create an equation? This game is great to practice order of operations. Bonus: No ads or in-app purchases!


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SpaceTeam Have two or more iPads? Looking for a nonsense night of fun? This game is for 2-4 iPads and focuses on cooperation as your spaceteam follows nonsense commands to keep your ship in flight. In-app purchase unlocks additional levels.

What are your favorite games? Share them with us!


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