Learning at Home over the Summer

Looking for some fun and creative learning activities for your student over summer break?


Don’t forget that you and your family have access to more than 24,000 titles in St. Vrain’s extensive digital library through Sora. Click here to learn more about the digital library and checking out books.


There are many options to dig in and explore coding on the iPad.   Little Miss Inventor Coding, Scratch Jr., and Swift Playgrounds are just a few coding apps available in Self Service on student iPads.


Explore constructive and creative activities to do with the built-in features of the iPad. Designed for students ages of all ages, these activities can be fun for the whole family! Check it out!

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Setting Expectations for Technology Use at Home

St. Vrain Valley Schools provides an iPad to each student in grades K-12. The iPad is intended to be a tool for the student’s and the family’s learning, both in school and at home.

While a basic level of restrictions is set on all school devices through the district’s mobile device management system, families are encouraged to set healthy limits for home use that meet their needs and align with their family values. Below are some resources that may be helpful as you consider family expectations for technology use at home during the school year and over breaks.

Check out these additional tips and tricks from Common Sense Media for families managing screen time at home.

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New Tool for Internet Filtering at Home

Beginning in May 2021, Cisco’s Umbrella Security service will be installed on all district provided student and staff devices. This provides consistent internet filtering for district devices across all networks, including home networks.

Cisco Umbrella adds a layer of protection for district iPads that improves on the content filtering and firewall protections already in place. Please keep in mind that Screen Time restrictions and home network filtering set up by families will be in addition to Cisco Umbrella filtering.

With the installation of Cisco Umbrella, district iPads will have the same content filtering at home, school, and anywhere there is internet access!

You can read more about Cisco Umbrella here.

Above is the Cisco Security app that is installed on all district provided iPads. The app cannot be uninstalled on iOS version 14.2.2 and later.

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We are screen smart.

This fall, St. Vrain launched Screen Smart St. Vrain, a digital citizenship campaign to encourage teachers, students, and families to think critically, make proactive choices, and use technology as a tool to create a lasting, positive impact on the world. We unite behind the pledge:

“We are an inclusive community of informed, aware and balanced digital citizens who thoughtfully engage in our digital world. We are digital citizens.”

As the Screen Smart campaign builds a common language and frame of reference for digital citizenship in St. Vrain, families will continue to be an important partner in engaging students in responsible use of technology at home. Read more about the campaign and the five core competencies here.

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Online Learning Resources for Parents

As we began the school year in a remote learning environment before moving to a hybrid schedule, partnerships between home and school are more vital than ever. Want to learn more about using tools such as Seesaw, Schoology, and Webex to support your student’s learning? This article offers resources for families on:

  • Seesaw (for parents of students in grades PK-2)
  • Schoology (for parents of students in grade 3-12)
  • Webex
  • Infinite Campus
  • Enrolling a student iPad
  • Affordable internet options for families

Need additional support? Contact your child’s teacher or submit a help request here.

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