First of all, we wish you well on the next phase of your life’s journey.

Your District Accounts

Once you complete this process, your Infinite Visions account will remain active. Your district account for computers, email, etc. will be disabled seven days after your last day with the district. (see Programs: Active Directory) Here are some steps to take before you go.

Substituting? If you will still be substituting with the district, you will retain your current account for email, Google Apps, and Infinite Visions.

1. Your District EmailGmail

Set up a final Out of Office message to let people know you are no longer with us. From your email, click on the gear > Settings and scroll down to Vacation responder. You can do this at any time and schedule it to start responding the day after your last day. (

Need a copy of some district email messages or contacts? Log into Gmail, go to My Account > Control your content > Transfer your content. (read more)

2. Infinite Visions

You will continue to have access to your pay stubs, W-2s, etc. in Infinite Visions after you leave the district. About two weeks before you are finished is a good time to set your post-employment password for Infinite Visions. If this is not completed before your account is disabled you will lose access to Infinite Visions. Good News! As a former employee, you will not be required to change this password every 2 months.

Step 1. Click the Password Manager button on the right and follow the prompts to reset your password. Use this password for email, Infinite Campus, etc. for the rest of your time with SVVSD. (

ivStep 2. Click the Infinite Visions button on the right and log in with your new password. This will synchronize your password with Infinite Visions. ( If this step is not completed, you will not be able to login after your end date to obtain information, i.e. W-2s.

Step 3. Commit your username (last_first) and this password to memory. These will be needed to access Infinite Visions after you leave SVVSD.

Reminder: While you are logged into Infinite Visions, remember to check your forwarding address and phone number.

Note: The Help Desk will not be able to reset your password after your computer account is disabled. Questions regarding your previous employment will need to be directed to Human Resources (303-682-7367) or Finance (303-682-7223, 303-682-7318 or

 3. Google Drive and CalendarsGoogleDrive

Please transfer ownership of any important Google Drive files and Calendars to your successor. If that person does not yet have a district account transfer ownership to your supervisor or a school Google Team Drive.

Google Calendar – Transfer important personal reoccurring and future events to a personal Google Calendar or write them down.

4. Other Documents

Please share any important Word, Excel or other documents with your successor. If that person does not yet have a district account share them with your supervisor. Here are instructions on this process.

Computer Files – copy any personal files stored on district computers, school shares, or file servers to a thumb drive you can take with you.

Schoologyhere is a video on moving Schoology resources to a personal account.

5. Web Sites

Consider taking down or transferring ownership for any classroom or department website you built while with us, including: Blogs (WordPress), Google Sites, etc.

6. District Owned iPad or iPhone

If you have a district owned iPad or iPhone, turn off Find My iPad (Find My iPhone), erase your personal information, and turn it in.

Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad (Find My iPhone) > Off

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

LTP Teacher Inventory Contact – This person may or may not be the point of contact for non-LTP iPads at your location.

7. District Owned Laptop

If you have a district owned laptop turn it in. No need to worry about removing personal data; as long as you have not shared your password, your account on the computer will not be accessible. In addition, the whole thing will most likely be erased and re-configured before it is re-issued.

LTP Teacher Inventory Contact – This person may or may not be the point of contact for non-LTP laptops at your location.

8. Employee Exit Survey

Please complete the district’s Employee Exit Survey. We appreciate your insights and feedback.

Once again, Best Wishes

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