Dear Help Desk,

Last week I sent an email to my student’s parents with updated information on an exciting opportunity the kids will have next month. One parent responded asking that when emailing the entire group that I use the blind-copy function. What did she mean by this and is this a good idea? – Curious in Lyons


Dear Help Desk,

My Inbox is loaded with thousands of old unread email messages. How can I delete all email received before June 1, 2015? ~ Thanks, Drowning in Old Email

Dear Drowning,

In the Google Mail search field enter: before:2015/06/01. Click the checkbox to select all email messages. At the top of the message list click Select […]

Dear Help Desk,

I suddenly am unable to use certain websites using Google Chrome, my normal browser. That means I have to log into a separate browser every time I want to access these sites. Is there anything that can be done? ~ Thanks, Chrome Lover

Dear Chrome Lover,

I’m afraid you are not going to love my […]

All St. Vrain teachers and staff need to change their district passwords to meet the new district standards before leaving for summer break. (Instructions)