Atomic Learning Tutorial

Excel 2013 – Intro Training

Microsoft Excel 2013 is a powerful spreadsheet application that is perfect for maintaining long lists of data, budgets, sales figures and other data. In this online series of training tutorials, we’ll show you how to navigate through the basics of Excel and use some new features including Skycloud — […]

Atomic Learning Tutorial

Creating Engaging Lessons Online

Many constraints are being put onto traditional classes in terms of time and material to be covered. As a result, many teachers have started using online materials and activities to effectively teach the material. However, creating online lessons is very different from creating lessons for the […]

Atomic Learning Tutorial

Gmail 2015

In this online course, join Google™ Certified Innovator Dr. Chris Craft and Wendy Pisor as they explore how to make the most of Gmail.

St. Vrain Valley Schools subscription to Atomic Learning includes nearly 50,000 step-by-step tutorials on common software, workshops and technology on emerging topics, such as […]

An Atomic Learning Tutorial

Photoshop Creative Cloud – Getting Started

You’ve seen all the amazing effects and results that are possible in Photoshop®, but with such a daunting, in-depth piece of software, where do you even get started? With award-winning trainer Geoff Blake at your side, you’ll master Photoshop’s fundamentals in no time…

St. Vrain Valley […]