New Technology in Classrooms

In addition to updating labs and refreshing 22,500 iPads across the district, your schools should have received:

Elementary Schools One set of 34 iPad keyboards Padcaster kit Middle Schools Two class sets of 34 iPad keyboards High Schools Three class sets of 34 iPad keyboards

Check with your LTP Site Coordinators or your […]

Meet Sean Cartwright

IT Operations & Infrastructure Manager Months with SVVSD: 2

What does your average day look like? My typical day revolves around how to provide the most reliable and secure user experience possible. I do this by collaborating with DTS staff, other SVVSD departments, school administrators, and vendors to ensure the district’s networks, services, and systems […]

New Apps in LANrev Apps

LANrev Apps

The following apps have been added to LANrev Apps:

Google Photos

Google Photos provides unlimited storage of photos and videos, allows you to access these photos from multiple devices, and has advanced cataloging features that make it easier to sort and find your photos.

available in the LANrev App store for secondary students and staff […]

Summer Tech PD for teachers and Leaders

This summer, join us for several incredible learning opportunities! Use the links below to learn more and register.

Tech Camp – June 5-6, 2017 Secondary Digital Writing Institute – June 12-16, 2017 Leadership Lunch and Learn @ Tech Camp 11:15-2:30, June 5-6, 2017 Day 1 – Scott McLeod Day 2- Diana Laufenberg […]

Update on projecting from an iPad

DTS has been working tirelessly to come up with a solution to be able to project from your iPad. Check out the updated status of this project below. (Click on this post title to read more) […] Continue Reading DTS Project Update: Projecting from an iPad (AirServer)

Meet Shannon Stimack

Shannon Stimack Digital Curriculum Support Specialist Months with DTS: 3

What does your average day look like? My day starts with checking the nightly uploads of the rostering data for our various Digital Curriculum products. I make sure uploads are successful and fix any errors that occur. Communication with staff, students, and vendors are a […]

Watch Out For Fake Apps!

The holidays are here and the scammers are out in full force. Their latest trick is fake apps. Starbucks started the first “retail app”, and many stores have followed.

But scammers are now creating fake apps, trick you into downloading them to your smartphone or tablet, and ask you to load your credit card information […]

Building Technology Contacts

Looking for the technology contact at your school? […] Continue Reading Building Technology Contacts

Meet Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart Computer Support Analyst Years with DTS: 23

What does your average day look like? I typically come into the office and check my email to see what has come in overnight and the same with our ticketing system. Once I have checked these items, I look at my calendar to see what meetings […]

Citrix Testers Needed

Periodically DTS installs updates to our Citrix environment. We do our own testing but would like a larger group to see how these updates work before pushing them to the entire district.

If you are willing to assist, please email me to volunteer.

Testers will be added to a group and when they log onto […]