Meet Sean Shepard

Technical Support Analyst Years with St. Vrain: 3

What does your average day look like? I wake up around 5:30 every morning. I start the day with music. (Gospel, Jazz, Classic Rock, etc…whatever pops in my head at the time.) During my morning music selections, I take time to respond to e-mails, check tickets and […]

Wireless Outage 9/28/18

We are currently seeing problems with the SVVSD wireless. If you need immediate access to the network please plug your laptop into an Ethernet cable. We are working quickly to resolve this issue. We will update this post hourly with new information.


Update 9:00am:

Efforts have been made to partially/temporarily resolve this issue. While […]

Wireless Outage

We are currently seeing problems with new connections to SVVSD wireless. If you need immediate access to the network please plug your laptop into an Ethernet cable. We are working quickly to resolve this issue. The next update will be at 3pm.


3:00pm Update:

We are still seeing issues and are working with the […]

September 2018 Phishing/Spam Emails

9/25/2018-We have received multiple reports of phishing with varying subject lines. Inside the message, you will see something similar to the screenshot below, please DO NOT click the box. If you have clicked the box please change relevant passwords and log off and back onto those accounts.

We are investigating the impact of this […]


Have you seen these offenders around your schools? The Samsung XE303C Chromebooks, A.K.A. the 1st Gen Samsungs, are still at large!

We need your help to get these devices out of our schools. These nefarious notebooks are a security risk, slow down the wireless and will not work for this year’s state assessments!


New Technology in Classrooms

In addition to updating labs and refreshing 22,500 iPads across the district, your schools should have received:

Elementary Schools One set of 34 iPad keyboards Padcaster kit Middle Schools Two class sets of 34 iPad keyboards High Schools Three class sets of 34 iPad keyboards

Check with your LTP Site Coordinators or your […]

It’s been a busy summer at DTS!

Computer and iPad distribution at Soaring Heights K8

Here’s a look at the summer by the numbers:

6000+ Chromebooks updated and delivered to schools 22500 iPads and accessories readied for student and teacher use 20 Windows labs updated to Windows 10 50 Mac labs updated to 10.13 110+ Toshiba copiers replaced with NEW […]

Printing to the New Copiers

Over the Summer DTS installed new Konica-Minolta copiers in almost all the buildings.

What’s the Same

You still print to SPEAR and can get your print jobs at any copier. If you were here last year, your keycard is already setup on the new copiers and ready to release print jobs. See the […]

Student Password Reset Reminder

Please do not forget that secondary student passwords expire every 365 days. New-to-SVVDS sixth graders will not expire until November 1st, 2018 so you have time to prepare those students for that change. Student Account Guardians have access to a report on expired or soon to expire passwords. For questions about this process please read […]

Digital Curriculum Updates

Digital Curriculum

Are your students not seeing the digital curriculum that they should be? Before you submit a help desk ticket, check the following things:

Student must be rostered into a section (please call your Registrar if you need IC roster assistance). That section must have a Primary teacher assigned. It has been at least 48 […]