New Technology Menu on School Websites

image of shoes and iPad

DTS has been working with the Office of Communications to standardize the information available to families on school websites. Check out the new Technology menu on your school’s home page, which includes links to iPad information, tips for healthy digital habits, the Family Connections newsletter, and more:


Did you know…

While school is out, DTS likes to keep busy over the summer.  With the help of our temporary summer crew we are currently working on many projects across the district.

Here are just a few examples of what DTS is doing this summer: 

Replacing 300 lab computers with new units.Replacing all of the mounted […]

New Login Page

Time Frame: Sunday, June 16, 8:00 pmDescription: The login page used to access email and other applications will be updated. This update will include a change in appearance.. 

Affected Systems – The change will begin on Sunday. Only Google Apps and Mail will be affected at this time. Other systems will be migrated to the new page […]

Meet Steve Rounds

Technical Support Analyst Years with St. Vrain: 6

What does your average day look like? Typically, my days starts the same as most everyone — E-Mail and catching up on it! I’ll review tickets for the day and try to plan an efficient strategy to travel to the schools I need to visit. Most often […]

End Of Life Chromebooks

This summer the 2nd Generation Samsung Chromebooks are now going end of life.  This means that they will no longer be supported by Google or DTS and will not work for next year’s state assessments.

In addition, these devices will no longer get critical security updates, making them a risk for all other devices in […]

Meet Leroy Martinez

Lead Technical Support Analyst Years with St. Vrain: 11

What does your average day look like? My average day consists of about an hour in the morning at the office on the computer closing and replying to tickets and emails with a few cups of coffee, love my coffee. After that, I go to about 4 or […]


Can you answer these FERPA frequently asked questions?

Q: What is FERPA?A: “FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, and the PII contained therein, maintained by educational agencies or institutions or by a party acting for the agencies or institutions” (PTAC 2019).

Q: “What are the rights of […]

March Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 336 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 698

Email to Help Desk: 381 – We request that all email be sent to This account is monitored and prioritized by all Help Desk staff. Personal accounts are not monitored during absences.

September Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 602 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 1276

Email to Help Desk: 815 – Email sent to

Email to Personal Accounts: 11 – Email sent to our named personal accounts. We request that all […]

Meet Kevin Chandler


Programmer/Analyst 12 Years with DTS

What does your average day look like? In at 6, check email, er…get coffee, check email, start on tickets. Handle calls and questions as they come in during the day. I try to get a walk or a run in each day. All in all, pretty routine.

What are your […]