Meet Joseph Ward

Technical Support Analyst Years with St. Vrain: 3

What does your average day look like? My average day consists of coming in early, checking email and tickets, and then working through tickets and projects for the rest of the day

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain? My favorite thing about […]

Watch for New Gmail Security Banners

Starting mid-February, DTS will be activating new security features in district Gmail. These will help protect us by displaying banners to identify potential phishing and other threats. Here is a sample banner:

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G Suite Shared Drive (Formerly Team Drive)

G Suite Shared Drive is now available for St. Vrain Valley Schools staff. It may be used internally to share documents and files with other account holders. It is similar to Drive except files and folders are owned by the members and not by individuals. Most importantly this means that when […]

LTP Laptop Refresh

Good News!

With the support of our district leadership and Board of Education, all LTP Laptops will be refreshed to the newly updated MacBook Air with Retina display and 256 GB of storage!


All staff who currently have an LTP laptop will have their laptops refreshed. LTP laptops have a blue mill-funded asset […]

Beyond Citrix

Audience: school leaders and school office support staff

In an effort to provide the right computing environment for every user, DTS has been developing a plan we’re calling “Beyond Citrix” .

We recognize that to meet the needs of non-instructional staff, the computers and kiosks we provide to users have to be able […]

Infinite Campus App Changes

The Infinite Campus Mobile Portal app will be retired this summer. Please let students and parents know they can start using the new Campus Student and Campus Parent apps.

Student Campus is available through Self Service on St. Vrain iPads. Both apps are available on Apple’s App Store


Meet Jennifer McCartney

Learning Technology Support Specialist Years with St. Vrain: 4 What does your average day look like? Every day is a new adventure! Most days I’m fortunate to spend at least part of my time in schools, working with teachers, our ITCs and LTCs, and school administrators to make sure that we at DTS are doing […]

Campus Learning is here!

For secondary teachers

To start, some of the functionality that was part of Campus Instruction has returned, including:

Adding notes for Students (including Google Drive and other LMS features) and for Teachers to individual Assignments. The Planner where you can see Attendance per class and create Units and Lesson Plans (which allows for […]

Video: CTO Thanks, Apology and Hopes for 2019

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Dear Help Desk

Is it better if I email the help desk at or will I get a better response if I email one of the help desk specialists directly by name?

– Help Desk Frequent Flyer

Dear FF, It is better to use for two reasons.

Our standard is to prioritize help desk tickets over […]