Suspicious Login Activity Detected from Your Account

Why did I get an email stating that “Google has detected suspicious login activity” in my account?

Each day we see dozens of district logins for students and staff from outside the United States. When our security monitor detects a login from outside the country, an automated warning email is sent to the student […]

September 2018 Phishing/Spam Emails

9/25/2018-We have received multiple reports of phishing with varying subject lines. Inside the message, you will see something similar to the screenshot below, please DO NOT click the box. If you have clicked the box please change relevant passwords and log off and back onto those accounts.

We are investigating the impact of this […]

Recommendations for Testing in Gymnasium Areas-Spring 2018

Updated 1/23/18

General Guidelines:

Turn OFF ALL non-testing devices and leave them in the classroom Spread tables out evenly, but not too close to the walls Spread students/devices out evenly Raise basketball goals up and out of the way Ensure there are no obstructions to wireless access points (ie. volleyball net poles) 200 […]