Dear Help Desk,

I want to use a new app (or website) with my sixth grade class, what is my first step?~Yours Truly, Miss Direction

Dear Miss Direction,Thanks for asking. The first step is to ALWAYS check the vendor’s Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy to ensure it aligns with Federal, State of Colorado, and SVVS […]

Video: CTO Thanks, Apology and Hopes for 2019

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Update: Wireless Network Changes

Dear Elementary and Middle School Staff Members,

I would like to apologize for the intermittent wireless service elementary and middle schools have experienced over the last two weeks.

You should know that DTS Network Engineers are working directly with the vendor to correct the issue. Meanwhile, they have adjusted our equipment in a manner intended […]

Excessive Bandwidth

Time Frame: March 17th to April 4, 2016

Description: Due to Internet bandwidth usage exceeding acceptable levels, I have asked our Network Engineers to block websites streaming March Madness basketball games.

Thank you for your professionalism.

Joe McBreen Chief Technology Officer St. Vrain Valley Schools

Teacher Laptops - Top 10 Questions Answered

Dear Staff,

The last email I sent to all staff about teacher laptops generated an avalanche of thank yous and cheers. We are very excited to be distributing tools and technology that will better meet your needs as a classroom educator. Below is more detailed information about the upcoming laptop […]

Win Tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Phishing Attack

An effective phishing attack that tries to trick people into thinking they are winning movie tickets for the new Star Wars movie is going around. For the next few months, this has the potential to be a successful social engineering attack that a lot of users are going to fall for.

This is an example:


Apple ID Suspension Phishing Scam with a Twist

Watch out for a phishing scam that seems to come from Apple. The email is supposedly from Apple Support and they threaten that your account is going to be suspended because you did not reply to an earlier verification email. The phishing email has a link that allows you to “verify now” but […]


All SVVSD Staff:

To better protect your online information and district technology systems, the next time you reset your SVVSD password after Friday, March 6th, you will be required to create a more complex password.

In addition to current password requirements, your new password must contain characters from at least three of the following categories:


Upgrading the Data Center to accommodate the Learning Technology Plan (LTP)

Short Term Pain = Long Term Gain

Starting this fall, DTS will be upgrading the Data Center with new hardware and software in order to prepare for the Learning Technology Plan (LTP). The district will be purchasing approximately 20,000 iPads for students and staff in the next four years which requires increasing […]

All St. Vrain teachers and staff need to change their district passwords to meet the new district standards before leaving for summer break. (Instructions)