New Technology Menu on School Websites

image of shoes and iPad

DTS has been working with the Office of Communications to standardize the information available to families on school websites. Check out the new Technology menu on your school’s home page, which includes links to iPad information, tips for healthy digital habits, the Family Connections newsletter, and more:


FAQs for New LTP Laptops

Below are some frequent asked questions we’ve received from staff with new LTP laptops.

How can I print single-sided? Or in color?

From Most Applications

From Adobe

My screen is going to sleep after just a couple of minutes. How do I fix this?

Screen Saver Settings

The scrolling […]

LTP Laptop Refresh

Good News!

With the support of our district leadership and Board of Education, all LTP Laptops will be refreshed to the newly updated MacBook Air with Retina display and 256 GB of storage!


All staff who currently have an LTP laptop will have their laptops refreshed. LTP laptops have a blue mill-funded asset […]

New Technology in Classrooms

In addition to updating labs and refreshing 22,500 iPads across the district, your schools should have received:

Elementary Schools One set of 34 iPad keyboards Padcaster kit Middle Schools Two class sets of 34 iPad keyboards High Schools Three class sets of 34 iPad keyboards

Check with your LTP Site Coordinators or your […]

Summer Tech Tips for Teachers!

Password management

Passwords expire every 2 months (63 days). If you change your password right before you leave for the summer, it won’t expire until the end of July. Correction: Keep in mind that if you do change your password while off the district network, you may need to bring your laptop in […]

New Apps in LANrev Apps

LANrev Apps

The following apps have been added to LANrev Apps:

Google Photos

Google Photos provides unlimited storage of photos and videos, allows you to access these photos from multiple devices, and has advanced cataloging features that make it easier to sort and find your photos.

available in the LANrev App store for secondary students and staff […]

Changes to HMH Collections

HMH is improving their processes for single sign on and for the automatic creation of accounts and classes. As part of the transition, they are requiring a purge all existing accounts in HMH Collections. What does this mean for Collections teachers? Sometime between Friday, July 29th, and Monday, August 1st, all existing students, teachers, and […]

Procuring Web-Based Tools for your School or Classroom

Perhaps you have heard about a fabulous online tool that is the bomb in a colleague’s classroom or that empowers staff or parents. All you have to do is sign up, send the site your student rosters, and badda-bing, badda-boom — you’re good to go, right? Well, maybe!

Please review the District Guidelines for 3rd […]

FERPA – Best Practices

Confidentiality of student records is the responsibility of everyone at St. Vrain Valley Schools including faculty, staff, students and even volunteers. Students rely on the District to protect their privacy so be diligent in following these best practices:

Do not share your login credentials (username & password) with others…including substitute teachers. Be careful not to […]

FERPA – What Does it Mean to Me?

Technology and data empower learning and enrich education in the St. Vrain Valley Schools. They also require new opportunities for us to protect sensitive student information. The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law put in place to do just that. As school district staff, we must be extremely careful to take […]

All St. Vrain teachers and staff need to change their district passwords to meet the new district standards before leaving for summer break. (Instructions)