Author: Eric Pierce


AirServer Update

For many years, AirServer has been a power tool for teachers, enabling them to fully leverage their district technology for student learning. It was… Continue Reading AirServer Update

Did you know…

While school is out, DTS likes to keep busy over the summer.  With the help of our temporary summer crew we are currently working… Continue Reading Did you know…


End Of Life Chromebooks

This summer the 2nd Generation Samsung Chromebooks are now going end of life.  This means that they will no longer be supported by Google… Continue Reading End Of Life Chromebooks

Beyond Citrix Update

DTS continues to move ahead with Beyond Citrix in order to provide school office staff with an improved computing environment.  Sunset Middle, Lyons Middle/Senior and Sanborn… Continue Reading Beyond Citrix Update

Computer Updates Paused

Since we have i-Ready and Access testing right around the corner, DTS will be temporarily stopping the release of new automatic updates.  We will… Continue Reading Computer Updates Paused