AirServer Update

For many years, AirServer has been a power tool for teachers, enabling them to fully leverage their district technology for student learning. It was with a heavy heart that we announced the end of support for this program, due to critical incompatibilities with key systems in our environment.

Since our last update, Apple has announced a feature in a coming release of macOS that might very well provide a stable alternative to AirServer. Details on timing and exact functionality are still developing, and the information we have so far is encouraging. We do know that it will be a number of months before it will be ready for public use.

Given this news, and the valuable feedback we have received from our teachers this summer, we will be leaving AirServer as an available option for teachers that have found success with it until this new macOS feature is available. Our technicians will continue to troubleshoot AirServer issues where possible, and offer assistance with alternative methods of iPad projection.

Please feel free to contact Eric Pierce or the Help Desk 303-702-7730 (x57730) with any questions.