Staff Password Changes

During the COVID pause on password reset requirements, DTS has used the time to review and revise our password practices. We know that a strong password policy, based in best practice, is critical to keeping our district data and systems secure. Beginning April 1, we will begin the process of implementing a new password policy for all staff that is outlined below. Students password requirements are not changing at this time.

In the near future, employees will be required to reset their passwords to meet the new standards.  An email with instructions and reminders will be sent to each employee when their required password change window is active. We anticipate starting this process in the next several weeks and all staff will have an opportunity to change their password before the end of May. All staff are welcome to change their passwords in advance of this process.

Below is a summary of the new standards for staff passwords:

  • People are no longer required to change their passwords every three months
  • Minimum password length: 12 characters
  • Previous passwords may not be reused
  • Two of the following must be followed if the password is less than 16 characters:
    • passwords may not contain a significant portion of the person’s name
    • passwords may not contain a significant portion of the person’s last password
    • passwords may not contain any character 3 times or more consecutively
    • passwords must not contain a restricted pattern (see Password Manager for list)

Staff are expected to:

  • Use a unique password that is not reused on any other site
  • Keep passwords secure and not share with anyone else
  • Use a password that is made from multiple words (not a single dictionary word)
  • Not use a password that contains any portion of your name, school name or mascot.