Schoology FAQ, December 2020

Can resources that I uploaded to Schoology still be accessed after the course is archived on Schoology?

Yes, Even though the course is archived, resources like pdf’s and pictures uploaded to the course are still available. BUT, our recommended best practice is for teachers to copy everything to their Schoology Resources (outside of courses).

I’m getting three blinking dots or a sad face when trying to sync my grades from Schoology to Infinite Campus! What should I do?

Many of the teachers in the district will be trying to sync grades at the exact same time. So as a result, you may see a sad face or moving loading dots. Please close out of Schoology and try again later. We may see delays in the sync during this busy time. 

Wait, so if Schoology courses are all inaccessible starting on Dec 25th, how can students submit work during that last part of the extended grading period?

If a student is permitted to turn in work past December 25th, due to the extended grading period: They will need to turn in their work via email or another medium to the teacher and the teacher will need to input those grades manually into Infinite Campus. Archived courses are inaccessible to students.
Here are some ideas for work submission from St Vrain Teachers

I’m getting an Error Message when I try to sync my grades. What should I do ?

Especially if this is the first time you have attempted to sync your grades this semester, this error is likely caused by an inconsistency in the grading categories.If you are getting errors in passback, check you grading categories in Schoology and IC to make sure they match up.

Are your grades not matching up? See this article for more info.

Keep in mind that If you have already posted grades in Infinite Campus, they will no longer sync from Schoology.

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