Phishing Report

Dateline: St. Vrain Valley, Friday, November 27, 2020

A large number of district staff were targeted by a phishing scam on Friday, November 27. 

An email with the subject line ‘[external] IMPORTANT: A Message From St. Vrain Valley School District” was sent to several staff members from an email address that was not part of the domain. The phishing email directed recipients to a site similar in appearance to a St. Vrain login page and asked them to log in with their Username, Password, and Social Security Number. 

The phishing messages were identified by DTS within hours of delivery and a majority were deleted by DTS before being opened. At this time, there are four confirmed cases where individuals entered all the requested information.

  • If you believe your account has been compromised go to Password Manager ( and change your password as soon as possible to a password you have never used before.
  • Report any suspicious emails to Google by using the “Report Spam” and “Report Phishing” features in Gmail.
  • If you entered your social security number, please go to and learn about Fraud Prevention and Reporting (

For more about Phishing, please visit the following St. Vrain Valley Schools District Technology Services site:

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