Webex Changes

Letter to Staff sent on Friday, August 21

St. Vrain Staff,

Thank you for your continued dedication to providing a high-quality learning environment for our students during this period of remote learning. 

I want to make you aware of a change that will be made to our St. Vrain Webex environment on MONDAY, August 24. Please read this carefully so you are ready to communicate this change to your families.

Currently, when using your Webex Personal Room (https://svvsd.webex.com/meet/lastname_firstname), users are placed in a “lobby” where they must be admitted by you to join your class.  Users can be students or staff from St. Vrain or guest users who enter a name and an email address to request entry.

Beginning Monday, when using your Webex Personal Room (https://svvsd.webex.com/meet/lastname_firstname), ONLY users who are signed in with a St. Vrain username and password will be able to join your personal room.

What do I need to know about this change? 

  • If students have a district iPad, they should always use this to join their teacher’s Webex meetings by using the Webex App, where they will log in to their St. Vrain account using their district email (lastna.firstn##@svvsd.org) and district password.
  • If students are using a home computer or personal device, they should select the SIGN IN option at the bottom of the login page and enter their St. Vrain username (WITH @svvsd.org at the end) and their password. See below for instructions.
  • After this change is made, your personal room will ONLY admit any user who are logged in with a St. Vrain username and password. 
  • If you wish to host a Webex event for users who do not have a St. Vrain account, such as parents, use a Webex Meeting instead of your personal room.

What do I need to communicate to families?

  • If you have students who do not yet have a district iPad, share the instructions below with them before your first Monday class.  (See a full set of instructions here: How to Join a Webex Meeting)
    • Note NEW Instructions when joining from a browser:
      • At the login window, click “Sign in”
      • Enter your SVVSD email address (add @svvsd.org at the end of your username)
      • At the SVVSD login window, enter your district username and password to join the meeting

Again, all of us in DTS thank you for your hard work to make the start of school a success.