Taking a Trip to Google Drive

If you have been using Citrix or regularly connect to your Home (H:) Drive to access saved files, then it is time to take a trip to Google Drive!

Every employee with a St. Vrain Valley Schools (svvsd.org) account has a Google Drive for storage and backup. The best part is with your svvsd.org account, you have unlimited storage!

To access your Google Drive on your computer, log into drive.svvsd.org. If you are already logged into your SVVSD email, select the Google apps waffle in the upper right corner then select Drive. It’s that easy!

With Google Drive you will be able to save photos, videos, presentations, PDFs, attachments from Gmail and more. You can also create and collaborate by sharing files or folders of files with others to view, comment and edit. Lastly, if you install the Google Drive app on your mobile device, you will have easy access to your files in the palm of your hand.

For additional assistance with Google Drive, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@svvsd.org or (303) 702-7730 (x57730).

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