Microsoft Windows 10 Update

We want to make you aware of a critical update for users of Microsoft Windows 10 that DTS is coordinating now and will be sent to all machines running Windows 10. This update does not apply to iPads, Chromebook or Macintosh computers.

The critical patches have been issued via LANrev. Infrastructure computers (sign, camera, KC, POS, etc.) have been excluded and will be handled manually this week. The update requires a restart and gives the user one hour to wait until the restart is forced. This will only occur when units are on network.

You need to know:

  • Beginning Thursday, January 23, DTS will contact users not yet updated and offer assistance and support as needed.
  • If you have personal machines running Windows 10, it is strongly recommended you update these also.

Additional info:

The update is the result of a warning from the National Security Agency (NSA). It fixes a vulnerability that impacts our ability to ensure safe and secure connections to critical applications and data used by the district. The analogy in this article explains the exploit in easy to understand terms:

Matthew Green, an associate professor in the computer science department at Johns Hopkins University, said attackers can use this weakness to impersonate everything from trusted Web sites to the source of software updates for Windows and other programs.

“Imagine if I wanted to pick the lock in your front door,” Green analogized. “It might be hard for me to come up with a key that will open your door, but what if I could tamper with or present both the key and the lock at the same time?”

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please contact the Help Desk if you have questions or need additional information.